Nature and culture

Sea, mountains, mines, lagoons, cultural events, historical monuments and museums: all these are just minutes away from Domu Elvira. Open our historic portal and start out to discover the treasures of Muravera and the Sarrabus region.

Beaches and lagoons

The closest beaches – San Giovanni, Torre Salinas, Colostrai and Feraxi – are just five minutes away by bicycle: there you will find amber-coloured sand, beach services for families, snack bars and restaurants along Muravera’s coast bordering on the town.

Do you prefer relaxing on pearly beaches with shallow waters? Then take a car: in ten minutes you can arrive at Costa Rei or the neighbouring Cala Sinzias, or sink your feet in the grainy sand of the enchanting Porto Corallo and Cala Murtas.

Many lagoons, full of fishes and truly enchanting, characterize the land of Muravera, with San Giovanni and Feraxi in the lead: here is the perfect place for birdwatching, excursions on foot or by bicycle, on horseback or canoe. You can also enjoy the fish dishes served in the restaurants and fishers holiday facilities.

Mountain and Mines

Muravera is surrounded and protected by seven green peaks you can see from the terrace of Domu Elvira: it is the chain of the Sette Fratelli, the Seven Brothers, famous for the presence of the park of the same name, with woodlands and native plants such as myrtle and arbutus where you can often catch sight of wild boar, martens, deer, hawks and golden eagles. Even in Castiadas’ forest, a few minutes away by car and just above the former penal colony, you can walk through lush vegetation, the habitat of deer and fawns.

And then come the mines, a unique feature of all Sardinia, so much so that itineraries have been laid out: the famous Via dell’Argento, the Silver Trail. One of the most interesting excursions is to Baccu Arrodas, near Muravera, in the forest of the same name, and Monte Narba, near the town of San Vito, where you can visit its ghost village.

History, Art and Culture

The heart of the distinctive art and culture of the island is quite near Domu Elvira, where you can discover a surprising Muravera with flagstone streets and domus a corte (houses with large courtyards typical of the local agricultural economy). This is the Muravera that sings the praises of ancient traditions and folk culture, as we find in the Sagra degli Agrumi, the Citrus Festival, just after Easter, and Maskaras (Masks – traditional Carnival festivity around 10 August); it is the Muravera of many wall paintings connected with typical local life (not to be missed is the one with the launeddas (panpipe) player, the historic houses that open their portals to welcome visitors and the most characteristic museums of the entire island. One of these is the MIF, the museum of women entrepreneurs in homage to Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis, an enlightened entrepreneur of the 18th century; the other is the Casa dei Candelai (Home of the Candlemakers) an ethnographic workshop and museum, in tribute to the last owner of the house and courtyard, Savina, who made wax candles there.

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